Thursday, October 14, 2010

Which Project will I do first?

Life has been busy...that happens with everyone I know. 
I have not cratfted in a couple of weeks. 
Tonight I plan on starting something, anything.

Here are a few thing that I want to get done.

All the blogs out there inspire me.
I hope I am able to inspire some of you.

I picked up two lamps for free a while back.
They need some love and care.
Hopefully after I'm done, they will be as pretty as this one.

 Isn't this idea just perfect for Halloween!
I would love, love to make this for my little girl.

Yesterday at the consignment shop I found a funky 70's tie that I thought was perfect for something like this.  I also found a t-shirt to match.  My son loves ties.  How cute will he be in his own applicated tie t-shirt?

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