Friday, November 21, 2008

Making Meaningful Memories

Does your family have traditions? Do you sit down as a family and talk about why we celebrate what we do? It could be any holiday or event that we have in our lives. Maybe you just go though the motions like the rest of us and most of the time that is easier. Let's face it, sometime we are just too busy to stop and take time for teachable and meaningful moments. This year for Thanksgiving and Christmas I am planning little events for my family to help celebrate the true meaning of each of these holidays. I have a wonderful book that has great ideas on how to do just that. It is called Celebrations That Touch The Heart.

Thanksgiving has been celebrated for thousands of years, back to the biblical times. In the United States it was not made a national holiday until 1863, thanks in great part to Sara Josepha Hale. She as one of the country's first female editors and also wrote the children's song "Mary Had a Little Lamb". This year for Thanksgiving I will sit down with my family share with them the story of the pilgrims and the troubles they faced. For example, some historians say that the pilgrims were rationed just five kernels of corn per meal during the hard times. Can you imagine that? There would be no need to sit at the dinner table for such a short meal. No reason to dirty up plates. So we have many things to be thankful for this season. Take the time with your friends and family to reflect on what God has done for you and so many blessing that we as Americans have.

So to wrap it up I would like to quote a short prayer said by a former United Nations secretary-general.
"For all that has been--Thanks! To all that shall be--Yes!"

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