Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brass Lamps + Spray Paint = New Lamps

I had picked up two rusty brass lamps from a flea market for FREE.  I took them home not knowing if they worked or not.  To my delight when I plugged them up, the light bulb came on!  Sweet!  (that really is what I said)

I failed to take a before picture.  I wish you could have seen these lamps.  The bottom was rusted and by all means, they should have been headed to the dump.  I cleaned them up the best I could.  I used a wire brush to get the loose rust off.  I primed them and painted them a glossy black. 

I painted several things this day.  Stay tuned for the other stuff.

I LURVE the glossy black!
The finished product!  They are so sleek and pretty.  The lamp shades were only $5.00!!  You cannot beat that price either.

Now I just have to find a place for these two lamps. 
I don't really think that will be too much trouble.

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