Friday, October 22, 2010

Dining Room Help

A couple of months back I painted my dining room a very pretty dark blue.  Since then, nothing else has happened in this room.  I am at a stand still of what to do.  I would like to get this room finished and have the look complete.

Posted a couple of pictures about what I don't like.  In this picture you can see my chandelier.  I think it is a beautiful chandelier, I just wish it wasn't brass.  I cannot take it down but I have even thought of taping paper to the ceiling and so I could spray paint it but I'm afraid to actually spray paint in the house.   What do I hang on the walls is another dilemma I have.

I am not loving these curtains but until I can find something I love that is in my budget, these will stay.  This dresser is what I am using for a buffet.  Should I take the mirror off?

We eat at this table 2-3 times a week.  So I don't want a fussy table that I have to clear everytime we want to eat in here.  So a simple tale decoration would be good too.  I would love something low that I do not have to even take off everytime we sit down.

Help Please


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