Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dresser Drawers Redo

As I posted a few weeks ago, I have been looking for ways to
recycle, reuse, and redo.

I have come up with a way to do that with an old small dresser we had sitting in the attic. I had purchased this dresser for $10 from a garage sale a couple of years ago and we no longer were using it. So I thought I revamp it and make a bookcase for my living room. I took the photo in bad lighting...so the glare is in from my flash. Sorry about that. I started out with these dresser drawers. (I already have another plan for the dresser.)
I removed all the hardware and stacked the drawers on top of each other so dear hubby could get an idea of what I was wanting to do.
You get the idea?So I took the drawers outside and started putting on the base coat. A flat black.
I screwed the drawers together, added some paneling to the backside to help stabilize it, and put on the final coats of paint. Wallllaaa.....I have new bookcase. (Pay no mind to the accessories. Some of them are projects I'm working on.) I now have an extra piece of furniture and it was not cost to me. I used stuff I had on hand to make it.

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