Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There is something to be be said for simple living. Less bills, less stuff, less chaos...there is something to all that. At my house we are getting our household in order so to speak. We are starting a budget. We are doing this so we can enjoy life more. The idea is to be able to save money so if we want to take a family vacation, we don't have to go in debt to do so. When our daughter turns 16 and wants to buy a car, we can help her. When our kids go to college, we can have some funds to help them. We have to ask ourselves....do we want this junk (because that is what stuff is most of the time) or are we going to look at the bigger picture?

So, as we are getting things in order at my house, I am looking for ways to reduce, recycle and reuse. I am wanting to create simple and organized life. I am doing that room by room and month by month. All this will not happen overnight but it is happening and I am smiling about it.

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