Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cool Vintage Looking Letters

I was in the store Earth Trader a couple of weeks ago and they had these letters that I just loved. Below is a picture of what they sorta looked like. Except in the store, they were just single letters and they sold for $5 each. Now I could have paid $20 but I am trying to stick to my budget and I thought I could make them on my own. So here is what I did....

I got my supplies together:

Mod Podge

Paint Brush

Cut Magazine Strips


Scrap Panel Boards

I cut HEEB out of my scrap panel board using my jig saw. Then, using my mod podge,I applied my magazine strips to all of my letters and let it dry.
After about 24 hours, it was good and dry. So I used my a sharp razor blade and cut off the excess magazine strips. I applied a thin coat of stain onto of the letters. The white didn't look so white and the letters had more of vintage look. I then applied 3 coats of mod podge on top waiting for each coat to dry.

Here is my finished project. I like it and that is all that matters.

A friend of mine had the idea of using newspapers. I like that idea too.

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