Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST ..tonights episode "Lighthouse"

Since I am the one writing this BLOG and I am probably the only one who reads it, I have decided to blog about LOST again. Every Tuesday night I am excited about LOST coming on. I go online and read ew.com they have some great LOST comments and columns. They have some good video and thoughts as to what "might be". So as I watch LOST tonight, I thought I would just write down a few thoughts. So here goes....

  • Does sideways Jack know where that scar came from?
  • Have we heard from Jack's mom before? I don't remember.
  • Ahaaaaa...Jack doesn't remember getting that scar.
  • Jack has a kid. Nice.
  • Tic Tac Toe...fun times.
  • There is Jacob.
  • Do they have pens at the temple? Where do they keep those kinds of things?
  • I wonder if Jack is divorced..and from whom?
  • Tell Syaid...he deserves to know. Good job Jack.
  • Clair is tough.
  • I like Hurley. Hurley is funny too.
  • "You have what it takes." I don't know what that means. I'm sure I have seen it in a previous episode.
  • How does that dude know Claire and what did she do to make him think that. I know about the "dark force" that grows but I want details.
  • Kate is not invited? and we didn't see Kate's number. hmmm
  • Jack's mom has her own plastic surgeon.
  • Say yes Jin, say yes.
  • I don't think I like this Clair.
  • Hurley thought Kate and Jack could be Adam & Eve too.
  • Now we see Adam and Eve!!!!
  • I like what Hurley is saying. The Adam and Eve thing is weird.
  • Oh Crap. Where is David? Now we will find out who his mother is.
  • Jack is still driving that same jeep. He's a doctor right? Making a doctors salary.
  • Hurley is asking a lot of questions.
  • Season one we love Jack...this season is making you love Jack again.
  • Let him go Clair. Please.
  • Oh, she didn't. Wow. Watch out Kate. Here she comes for you.
  • Wow...even temple guy is in sideways world. Does temple guy know about the island?
  • Okay, what is up with the lighthouse?
  • Yes, Jack. He has been watching you all. You are right. We all want to know why he was watching you all.
  • We don't want you to smash it!! Don't Jack. You did Jack. Not cool and Hurley knows it.
  • Jack doesn't remember being into his son's piano playing.
  • Jack's dad said ..."you don't have what it takes"....wow. Now we know what that means (or at least they reminded us.)
  • Jacob is screwing with these people.
  • ???
  • Jin is trying to save his own life, is that the plan?
  • Oh crap...Flocke is here. (Fake Locke) I knew he was Clair's friend.

I will be reading ew.com tomorrow to get another person's take on it. Good episode. I love LOST.


Our first cooking lesson together...well sorta. We did step by step instructions on how to make some Flavor Aid!!!! My kids loved it. It doesn't take too much to have a fun time together.

..pouring in the sugar..

..pouring in the sugar..

..both pouring in the flavor aid..

..both stirring..
..now drink up and enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A few things I like as I surf the net...

I like this little seating area. I think something like this would look good in my master bedroom. My walls in my room are chocolate brown so I like the light colors of it all and maybe using a green or turquoise as the accent colors would be great.

This is a very inviting living room. I like how the green plant makes you feel and how comfy the loveseat looks. Looks clean to me. I am surprised that I actually like this room because when I look at each piece by themselves, I'm not sure I would pick them out. But all together, they look great.

These accessories are cute and would good in my bathroom. They would help give the room a little color. I wonder where I can find some like them. Hummmm....

This is painted paneling that has been striped. I like how it looks and it doesn't just make you think of painted paneling. I have a HUGE room at my house with paneling that need to be tackled. This is a good idea.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did I tell you I am a LOST fan?

I'm sure I have spoke of it before. Yesterday was the last season first episode of LOST. No one was really excited at my house about it but me. I'm happy the rest of the family humors me and plays along like they are happy.

LOST has been telling us all summer that they will be answering all the questions that LOST has thrown out there for us. We did get a big answer last night. There has been a "smoke monster" on the island since season one but we had no idea what it really was. Well, in episode one, season six, the writers filled us in. So I wonder now what other answers they will fill us in on. Watching this season might be more exciting than all other seasons because we will have several "OHHHHH" moments. Like the light will kick on for us LOST fans. We will understand more and more about the characters and the island. We will understand the whys and hows. It's like putting a puzzle together and being satisfied when you are done. So LOST, writers...Don't disappoint us.

The Smoke Monster


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