Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Did I tell you I am a LOST fan?

I'm sure I have spoke of it before. Yesterday was the last season first episode of LOST. No one was really excited at my house about it but me. I'm happy the rest of the family humors me and plays along like they are happy.

LOST has been telling us all summer that they will be answering all the questions that LOST has thrown out there for us. We did get a big answer last night. There has been a "smoke monster" on the island since season one but we had no idea what it really was. Well, in episode one, season six, the writers filled us in. So I wonder now what other answers they will fill us in on. Watching this season might be more exciting than all other seasons because we will have several "OHHHHH" moments. Like the light will kick on for us LOST fans. We will understand more and more about the characters and the island. We will understand the whys and hows. It's like putting a puzzle together and being satisfied when you are done. So LOST, writers...Don't disappoint us.

The Smoke Monster

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