Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST ..tonights episode "Lighthouse"

Since I am the one writing this BLOG and I am probably the only one who reads it, I have decided to blog about LOST again. Every Tuesday night I am excited about LOST coming on. I go online and read ew.com they have some great LOST comments and columns. They have some good video and thoughts as to what "might be". So as I watch LOST tonight, I thought I would just write down a few thoughts. So here goes....

  • Does sideways Jack know where that scar came from?
  • Have we heard from Jack's mom before? I don't remember.
  • Ahaaaaa...Jack doesn't remember getting that scar.
  • Jack has a kid. Nice.
  • Tic Tac Toe...fun times.
  • There is Jacob.
  • Do they have pens at the temple? Where do they keep those kinds of things?
  • I wonder if Jack is divorced..and from whom?
  • Tell Syaid...he deserves to know. Good job Jack.
  • Clair is tough.
  • I like Hurley. Hurley is funny too.
  • "You have what it takes." I don't know what that means. I'm sure I have seen it in a previous episode.
  • How does that dude know Claire and what did she do to make him think that. I know about the "dark force" that grows but I want details.
  • Kate is not invited? and we didn't see Kate's number. hmmm
  • Jack's mom has her own plastic surgeon.
  • Say yes Jin, say yes.
  • I don't think I like this Clair.
  • Hurley thought Kate and Jack could be Adam & Eve too.
  • Now we see Adam and Eve!!!!
  • I like what Hurley is saying. The Adam and Eve thing is weird.
  • Oh Crap. Where is David? Now we will find out who his mother is.
  • Jack is still driving that same jeep. He's a doctor right? Making a doctors salary.
  • Hurley is asking a lot of questions.
  • Season one we love Jack...this season is making you love Jack again.
  • Let him go Clair. Please.
  • Oh, she didn't. Wow. Watch out Kate. Here she comes for you.
  • Wow...even temple guy is in sideways world. Does temple guy know about the island?
  • Okay, what is up with the lighthouse?
  • Yes, Jack. He has been watching you all. You are right. We all want to know why he was watching you all.
  • We don't want you to smash it!! Don't Jack. You did Jack. Not cool and Hurley knows it.
  • Jack doesn't remember being into his son's piano playing.
  • Jack's dad said ..."you don't have what it takes"....wow. Now we know what that means (or at least they reminded us.)
  • Jacob is screwing with these people.
  • ???
  • Jin is trying to save his own life, is that the plan?
  • Oh crap...Flocke is here. (Fake Locke) I knew he was Clair's friend.

I will be reading ew.com tomorrow to get another person's take on it. Good episode. I love LOST.

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