Thursday, May 28, 2009


I really like this painting. I would like to try my hand at some artwork like this.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Question asked by HGTV: Who will win our gorgeous Spanish-style home in Port St. Lucie, Fla., plus a new 2009 GMC® Sierra Hybrid? It's a grand prize package worth $750,000.

Answer: Me! Me! Oh Pick Me!

Family Dis-connect

Everyone is talking about Jon & Kate plus 8. Now, I must admit I do not watch the show but have seen clips here and there. I did watch the full hour and fifteen minute season premier on Monday night. I only watched it because my sister was at the house and she is a faithful follower. (She loves that show as much as I love LOST.)

My advise to J&K+8 is to stop the show. For your family, your marriage, and your kids. But how hard would that be when the show is your cash cow. That's just my two cents but not that it matters.

No matter whether you think the show should go on or not, what do you think about Kate's brother and sister-in-law going on the Early Show and telling their opinion of the matter. Dear SIL seems to be emotional about the whole thing and Harry was sensitive to it. Nothing like family going on other shows to say how they feel about you. How tacky in my mind. I have to question if you are really concerned about the kids or the free trip to NY. I never like it when "concerned" family member play to the media.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The season finally is the week! Wednesday night at 8:00 to be exact. I am a big fan of this show. I just love watching it every week. I don't get into all the hidden meanings that some other bloggers come up with but I do watch for the small details and just love the story line all together. Here are a few things I would like answered:
  • Who/What is Jacob?
  • How is it that Locke is alive if Dead is Dead?
  • Is Ben really evil or good?
  • Will James end up with Juliet or Kate? (I am on team Juliet)
  • Where did Claire go? Will she return?

I have other questions but those are the ones I'd like to know first. I will be sitting in front of my TV on Wednesday night with a glass of sweet tea and maybe something to snack on. I cannot wait!!!!!

Planning A Clothes Swap Party

What is a Clothes Swap?

A clothing swap is a type of swapmeet wherein participants donate their unwanted clothing and then are given the opportunity to go through the clothes of everyone else in attendance and can take whatever they want. Clothing swaps are considered a good way to both declutter and refill one's wardrobe according to wikipedia.

Who to invite to a clothes swap?

Invite friends who have good taste of course! Really, it is good to have minimum of 8-10 people there. More are always welcome. You can invite everyone of all sizes. Keep in mind the guest list and who wears what size. You don't want someone to show up with no one else their size and no one to swap with.

What kind of items do you swap?

It is a good idea to let everyone invited know the guidelines for bringing what clothes. All clothes should be neat, clean, and pressed. No undergarments please. Aside from clothing, bringing items such as purses, jewelry, belts, and other accessories is always a good idea.

Where do you hold a clothes swap?

If you have a basement or a large area that would be great. You can set up a store like atmosphere or you can just dump the clothes out and let everyone go through them. Keep in mind that people will need to try the clothes on. It is a good idea to have a couple of full length mirrors and places for women to try the clothes on.

What to put in your invite or flyer?

  • For Who: women, men, or children

  • Date and Time

  • Place

  • list it if you have a clothes minimum or maximum

Have a good time. Enjoy the time with your friends and the opportunity to get rid of some stuff and take home some new items for yourself. Serve some finger foods and drinks. Have a ball!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

To the Women in my life here are some of my best memories of you....

  • My Sister: Really just sharing a room with you. Thank you for always taking the bottom bunk. I knew the monsters would get you first since you were on the bottom and then I would be able to run for safety.
  • Mother Hubbard: How you would always let me sleep with you after I wet my bed or was too scared to sleep in my room. Thank you.
  • My Gran: I love how happy you were at your birthday parties. They were always a real surprise to you.
  • My Memaw: To the most loving and sweetest Grandparent. Thanks for all the trips to McDonald's after church on Sunday nights.
  • Mamaw: All of the card games and late nights of dominoes mixed with lots of laughter have got to be some of the funnest times.
  • To my NC SIL: Our conversations with each other that no one else gets to hear. We really do help keep each other sane.
  • My Mother: (last but definitely not least) My funnest memories are when you would swim with us and you would beg for us to leave you alone and not get your head wet.
So this Mother's Day, tell any woman in your life how much she means to you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Where have all the Sippy Cups gone?

How is it that I normally have 50 different kinds of sippy cups in the cabinet and now for the last two weeks I have been lucky to find a single sippy cup? These things tend to grow feet and run off. I just hope that one of my children does not secretly have a stash of sippy cups somewhere growing mold at a rapid rate.

There are so many different types of sippy cups out there. There is the Nubby which is great for transition from the bottle to a cup. There are the kinds with straws which leak slowly if you leave the straw up. There are different kinds of lid with different kinds of stoppers. Knowing which lid, stopper, and cup all go together is really an art form. In my experience the cheaper the cup, the more likely they will leak. So while these cups may be spill proof, they are not what I call drip proof.

With the disappearance of all the sippy cups in the house, I believe it’s time for a new transition. While yes, my children still are toddlers and they are learning to drink from a big kids cup (that’s one without a lid) while sitting at the table for supper, I believe I will take it one step further. It’s time to cut off running around with a sippy cup. If they want a drink, they can have a big kid’s cup and leave it in the kitchen. This will be good for two things. It will cause less juice stains on the living room furniture and it will cut down on their juice and milk intake in between meals. It will be a good thing. Here’s to less juice stains all over the house!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What kind of parent are you? I don't mean if you are a good or bad parent kind of thing. I'm just simply asking, do you get up in the morning and fix your kids something hot for breakfast or are you more of the "here you go eat this" kind of parent.

I remember growing up and my Dad would always fix our breakfast for us and we all had to sit at the kitchen table together and eat it before we left for school. We would have cereal, eggs, cinnamon toast, waffles, or something of that nature that my Dad would sit in front of us. Sometimes we had oatmeal for breakfast and my two sisters did not care for oatmeal very much. They talked me into eating my bowl of oatmeal and theirs too. Now looking back, I don't know how they achieved this. Probably because I was the youngest and was dumb enough to listen to them. I'm not sure.

I believe no matter which kind of parent you are, as long as your kids get a good breakfast (and cold pizza does qualify) then you are doing okay. Just for the record, I am the pop tart kind of mom while my sister has become the biscuits and gravy kind of mom. (Good job Sis)


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