Friday, May 8, 2009

Where have all the Sippy Cups gone?

How is it that I normally have 50 different kinds of sippy cups in the cabinet and now for the last two weeks I have been lucky to find a single sippy cup? These things tend to grow feet and run off. I just hope that one of my children does not secretly have a stash of sippy cups somewhere growing mold at a rapid rate.

There are so many different types of sippy cups out there. There is the Nubby which is great for transition from the bottle to a cup. There are the kinds with straws which leak slowly if you leave the straw up. There are different kinds of lid with different kinds of stoppers. Knowing which lid, stopper, and cup all go together is really an art form. In my experience the cheaper the cup, the more likely they will leak. So while these cups may be spill proof, they are not what I call drip proof.

With the disappearance of all the sippy cups in the house, I believe it’s time for a new transition. While yes, my children still are toddlers and they are learning to drink from a big kids cup (that’s one without a lid) while sitting at the table for supper, I believe I will take it one step further. It’s time to cut off running around with a sippy cup. If they want a drink, they can have a big kid’s cup and leave it in the kitchen. This will be good for two things. It will cause less juice stains on the living room furniture and it will cut down on their juice and milk intake in between meals. It will be a good thing. Here’s to less juice stains all over the house!

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