Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Dis-connect

Everyone is talking about Jon & Kate plus 8. Now, I must admit I do not watch the show but have seen clips here and there. I did watch the full hour and fifteen minute season premier on Monday night. I only watched it because my sister was at the house and she is a faithful follower. (She loves that show as much as I love LOST.)

My advise to J&K+8 is to stop the show. For your family, your marriage, and your kids. But how hard would that be when the show is your cash cow. That's just my two cents but not that it matters.

No matter whether you think the show should go on or not, what do you think about Kate's brother and sister-in-law going on the Early Show and telling their opinion of the matter. Dear SIL seems to be emotional about the whole thing and Harry was sensitive to it. Nothing like family going on other shows to say how they feel about you. How tacky in my mind. I have to question if you are really concerned about the kids or the free trip to NY. I never like it when "concerned" family member play to the media.

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