Thursday, May 7, 2009

What kind of parent are you? I don't mean if you are a good or bad parent kind of thing. I'm just simply asking, do you get up in the morning and fix your kids something hot for breakfast or are you more of the "here you go eat this" kind of parent.

I remember growing up and my Dad would always fix our breakfast for us and we all had to sit at the kitchen table together and eat it before we left for school. We would have cereal, eggs, cinnamon toast, waffles, or something of that nature that my Dad would sit in front of us. Sometimes we had oatmeal for breakfast and my two sisters did not care for oatmeal very much. They talked me into eating my bowl of oatmeal and theirs too. Now looking back, I don't know how they achieved this. Probably because I was the youngest and was dumb enough to listen to them. I'm not sure.

I believe no matter which kind of parent you are, as long as your kids get a good breakfast (and cold pizza does qualify) then you are doing okay. Just for the record, I am the pop tart kind of mom while my sister has become the biscuits and gravy kind of mom. (Good job Sis)

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