Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

To the Women in my life here are some of my best memories of you....

  • My Sister: Really just sharing a room with you. Thank you for always taking the bottom bunk. I knew the monsters would get you first since you were on the bottom and then I would be able to run for safety.
  • Mother Hubbard: How you would always let me sleep with you after I wet my bed or was too scared to sleep in my room. Thank you.
  • My Gran: I love how happy you were at your birthday parties. They were always a real surprise to you.
  • My Memaw: To the most loving and sweetest Grandparent. Thanks for all the trips to McDonald's after church on Sunday nights.
  • Mamaw: All of the card games and late nights of dominoes mixed with lots of laughter have got to be some of the funnest times.
  • To my NC SIL: Our conversations with each other that no one else gets to hear. We really do help keep each other sane.
  • My Mother: (last but definitely not least) My funnest memories are when you would swim with us and you would beg for us to leave you alone and not get your head wet.
So this Mother's Day, tell any woman in your life how much she means to you.

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