Friday, February 19, 2010

A few things I like as I surf the net...

I like this little seating area. I think something like this would look good in my master bedroom. My walls in my room are chocolate brown so I like the light colors of it all and maybe using a green or turquoise as the accent colors would be great.

This is a very inviting living room. I like how the green plant makes you feel and how comfy the loveseat looks. Looks clean to me. I am surprised that I actually like this room because when I look at each piece by themselves, I'm not sure I would pick them out. But all together, they look great.

These accessories are cute and would good in my bathroom. They would help give the room a little color. I wonder where I can find some like them. Hummmm....

This is painted paneling that has been striped. I like how it looks and it doesn't just make you think of painted paneling. I have a HUGE room at my house with paneling that need to be tackled. This is a good idea.

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