Monday, April 4, 2011

Wish List from ESTY

From time to time I look around ESTY and see what kinds of great things are out there.  I really enjoy vintage items and all the handmade things on this site.  So here are a few of my picks.

I like the very simple lines and vintage look to it all.

I might be one of the few bloggers out there that doesn't have one of these bad boys yet but I still hope to one day.  I really like the color of this fan.  This one could be mine for only $38.00.

I like this one for two reasons:
1.  It is a Van Halen Record.
2. What a cool looking bowl.

I am one who still has a home to have something pretty hanging on my wall would be so nice.  I really like the simple look of the old vintage black phones.

Seeing these one ESTY just made me smile.  My Grandma has sold AVON for over 50 years now.  She has this brush and mirror to go with it in her bathroom.  As a little girl, when I stayed at her house, I used her brush just like this one to comb my hair.  Those fond memories make me smile.

Happy Monday to you!

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