Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a weekend!!!!

Is the weekend over already? Whew! What a busy weekend!
My Mom & I ran in a 5K this weekend. My mom finished in 41 minuets and I finished in 37:22. It was hard but fun all at the same time. I'm glad we did it.
Good Job Mom!

Then David & I did yard work on Sunday. We trimmed back bushes, cleaned out flower beds, and put out mulch. Oh...too much work. I told David he was trying to kill me. Thankfully I survived and here is a pic of me and kids by the trailer we filled up.

The kids played in the slip & slide while yard work was being done. They had a lot of fun. The first time playing in the water at the start of the summer is always fun.

I hope you had a great weekend like I did.

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