Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something To Think About

Here's what happens in less than a second when a car traveling 55 mph hits a stationary object:

* 0.1 second: The front bumper and grille of the car collapse. If the car has an air bag, it has already inflated.
* 0.2 second: The hood crumples, rises, and strikes the windshield as the rear wheels lift off the ground. The fender wraps around the struck object.
* 0.3 second: The driver's legs jam under the dashboard and break, while the steering wheel heads for the driver's chest.
* 0.4 second: The car's wrecked front end comes to a stop, but the car's rear is still rushing forward, and the driver's body is still traveling at 55 mph.
* 0.5 second: If the car is not equipped with an air bag, the driver is smashed against the steering wheel, crushing arteries and lungs.
* 0.6 second: The driver's feet are ripped out of their shoes. The brake pedal snaps off, and the car's frame buckles in the middle. Without an air bag, the driver's head smashes into the windshield.
* 0.7 second: The passenger door rips loose, and the rear doors fly open. The front seat rams forward, pinning the driver further against the steering wheel shaft and dashboard, as the car slams forward.
*0.8 second: The rest doesn't matter, the driver is no longer alive.

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