Monday, March 15, 2010


I have finally put all of my pertain tax information and papers in my 2009 Tax folder and I have delivered it to my new tax man. I now have a tax man! Great, right? I have always done my taxes myself. Okay, maybe not by myself but with the assistance of my dad. This year "might" be a little more complicated due to the sale of home and then a purchase of another home. I don't think I qualify for the $6500 tax credit for Move-Up / Repeat Home Buyers. I'm slightly hoping this new tax man tells me I'm wrong and that someone how read it all wrong and that I do qualify but I'm afraid that is wishful thinking.

Now I wait for the phone call from my tax man asking for some clarification on a few things and then for that final phone call saying "You are getting a BIG refund!" Oh, how I want that to be true!!

Happy Tax Season People. Peace Out.

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