Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Re-Do

A couple of weeks ago if you will recall, I hit the JACKPOT!  I passed by an old flea market that had a
sign out front.  What is a girl like me to do other that stop and go in?

I want to show you the first item I have done something with.  (Let's face it, it was free for a reason. You just have to be a person that can see beauty in those things...and I am.)

These are 5 wooden apples I picke up from the free store.
Here is their before picture. Really faded and with some cracks.

I painted these apples bright green an they are now sitting on my kitchen island.  It is a nice touch of color as you walk in our back door (because no one uses our front door).

 Even with the cracks I love how they look in my kitchen.

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