Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Does the stuff around you feel like CHAOS at times? I wouldn't say life is crazy around me (well, no more than normal) but the stuff around me is. I would love to be that type A personality that has all things in orders...from the paper that comes into my house to the stuff in the attic.

I told dh a couple of weeks ago, that if I just organize a room a week at our house then it will be done before Christmas. (I was giving myself a week off here and there.)

I did get my "tool" closet organized. I switched the linen closet with the tool closet. We were not putting the tools away because it was out the way to walk down the hall, open the door, and put the stuff on the shelf. (silly I know) Well, by switching these two, you walk right by the tool closet now and it is easy to put things were the belong. (not just throw them anywhere but in their actual spot).

Now, I have 217 more places to organize. Okay, Okay...not really that many but it feels like it. I will have to tackle one drawer or closet at a time.

The list of places that need organization could go on and on.....I'll keep you posted on my progress.


*Kitchen drawer full of just junk or papers.

*Laundry Room (the whole room needs a redo)

*Hutch in Dining Room

*Drawers in the Living Room

*Wet Bar (still wrapped in Pleather)

*All Storage Closets upstairs


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