Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where Painted Studio Started

I thought I would give you just a little bit a history as to why I call my blog "The Painted Studio". About 6 years ago I had seen custom painted kids clothes on eBay. No way was I going to pay the prices on eBay so I bought some paints and gave it a try. It was alot of fun and my kids and I enjoyed making the clothes for my kids. This is the first painted outfit I made. I was liked how it turned out so I started painting this design on lots of different jeans and overalls and sold them on eBay. At that time my eBay name was allyrnelson, it was a shared account with my sister so that is the name I put on my photos. After I started selling more and more I took the name
"The Painted Studio".

Here are a few more exaples of the work I had done.

If you like these, I will show you some other designs on another day.

Have a good one!

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