Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Blocks

I have a couple of adorable nieces that live far from all of their extended family.  Since they don't get to see all of us very much I thought "Family Blocks" would be a great birthday present for these two little girls. 
 I started out with the following supplies:

2x2 stick of wood

mode podge glue

decorative paper

pictures of all the family

black spray paint


assorted colors of acrylic paints

an old ice cream bucket to hold the blocks

 I have a wonderful friend who cut the stick into 25 blocks for me(Thanks Dennis).  I then spray painted them black.  I waited 24 hours and I started decorating the blocks.
 It was a fun project that took a little time but it was well worth it.  It cost less than $15 dollar to make as well.  I only had to buy the wood and pictures. All the other items I had on hand already.
 I had to decorate the container as well! 
This was one little happy girl. 
She will share the blocks with her sister I'm sure. 

**This idea is not my own.  Stories by Me! does some great "block" work.  Check her out!

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