Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

So many of you out there love great finds just like I do.  How great of a rush is it when you find something that you have been looking for at DIRT CHEAP prices?  I have this great little shop here in my hometown that has stuff dirt cheap.  I can get 10 books for $1.00 all the time.  So if I ever need a few hardback books, I go there.  From time to time they have a back room with all kinds of stuff that is 5 items for $1.00. 

I stopped by this store this week and look what I found...for next to nothing I might add.
I found this cheese dome for $1.00 and this huge fork for only $0.50!!
Grand Total $1.50

Isn't she lovely?  A nice small size and in good condition.  Just needs a little cleaning and sprucing up.

Since I just add a fork & spoon canvas,  I thought this fit nicely into the new "theme" in my kitchen.

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